Sales Automation

What do you mean “Automation”?


The term is really an umbrella that includes tools and strategies that increase sales representative capacity and productivity. Examples include things like Website Forensics, CRM software, Competitor Analysis, Data-Mining and Email Marketing. After years of our practice and contribution, Sales Automation is starting to gain traction. Our team invented some of the methods you will find elsewhere, and many more that you can still only find out about directly from us. We have extensive knowledge on not only the popular but also the less-known and soon-to-be-viral tools and methods of streamlining everything between marketing and onboarding.

Our reputation wasn’t built because we know how to use SaaS tools though. The results we consistently achieve, which are truthfully unheard of (75%-90% engagement from cold lists, to name just one), are a result of integrating these tools and tactics together in proprietary ways. In the end, we make your revenue engine Automatic, Predictable and Duplicable.

And that’s not even the fun part…

We use those same proven methods in combination with proprietary list-building strategies, JavaScript, and Social Media Hacking to TAKE customers directly from a specific competitor our client wants us to put out of business and bury. Doing business creates enemies, do you think yours have read this too? Will they?

We can see the epiphany you are having from here. (Not really, that would be creepy)

However, we do know your cell phone number, so maybe it is something we will talk about soon.

Why InNewVision?

There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. When you think you are better than someone else, that’s a problem. Almost no one even knows our methods, let alone has begun to systemize them the way that we have already, successfully, for multiple companies. Sales gurus have been consulting b2b companies for decades, but consistently fail to create processes that maintain and duplicate results upon exiting, especially in today’s market. InNewVision is here to shake things up, and innovation is never cocky.

We know who you are, where you work, and how to reach you. With that being said if you take a few seconds to save us some effort or tell us a little about what brought you here in the form below, we will be able to help you even faster.

This ship is lightyears ahead, welcome aboard.